How long does it take to get my sweet sweet merch?
- We're a smol team with a big heart. It should be a few weeks before things get to your doorstep, but Big Cartel is good about letting you track shipment once things are out the door.

How can I subscribe to your podcast where all this merch is from?
- Bless you, friend. You can subscribe at https://www.70mmpod.com.

I have questions about an order, can you help?
- Yas, use that Contact drop-down up top and we should be able to respond as fast as we can. Before you do, check out to see the status of your order, it probably is already on the way.

Who designs all the prints and merch? 
- That would be Danny Haas, you can find his Instagram here and also check out his website, too.

International shipping is kinda expensive, am I right?
- You're not wrong. But who knew shipping internationally for a 3-person operation could be pricey? Our Patreon supporters get 20% off all orders, so if you're looking to stock up that may be a good idea.